Your backups are
upright, valid and


The BackChain is a powerful system based on Blockchain technology that validates, records and documents all your backups quickly and securely, bringing reliability and peace of mind to your business.

It isimpossible to predict a disaster.

But it is possible to speed up your recovery!

Backup system at Blockchain


When generating backups in BackChain, identification and preservation properties are assigned to the data, so even if someone intercepts the transmission, they will not be able to read it, as the data will be encrypted, which guarantees immutability from its origin to the restoration while maintaining a high level of trust, integrity and authenticity.

With a friendly web interface, you can request a restore at any time, or even monitor the progress of your backups and the integrity of each file, in addition to being able to view various indicators, such as the life cycle of each file copied into the BackChain.

But why choose backchain?

BackChain provides easy, complete and secure data protection for your entire environment – unifying the backup of your local systems and workloads into a robust, high-capacity redundant structure.


All transactions are made using Blockchain technology, ensuring file integrity.


Backups are mirrored across more than one instance, ensuring full recovery of your company's data.

Availability & Accessibility

As it is distributed across multiple instances, BackChain backups can be accessed at any time.

Disaster Recovery

The user has the peace of mind of knowing that although they are subject to incidents, they will be able to recover quickly.



of Energy Saving


of data integrity


Document Traceability

Investment and Economy

How can an investment bring savings to your company?

Energy Efficiency

A typical computer consumes about 300 watts/hour, our appliances consume 4 watts/hour. If we take into account a 12-month period, that's about 2,500,000 watts of savings.

Robust yet decentralized infrastructure

Your company will have a structure equivalent to a Data-Center, distributed through servers located around the world.

End-to-End Encryption

A unique and exclusive connection, made over SSL, with redundant and encrypted storage, certifies that all transactional information between the entities will be integrity and secure .

Blockchain Technology

Every copy performed by our system will generate distributed data that maintains a continually growing chain of transaction records from copied files. The distributed nature of the chain prevents alteration and revision, which facilitates confirmation of the authenticity and security of all transactions recorded in the chain.

Indicative Reports

The indicators generated by BackChain can contribute to decision making and optimization of all your organization's resources.

“Easy to use, manage and always available!

Our idea is to assign a “fingerprint” to your data. We create a unique and exclusive identity for each document, through an innovative technology based on the same technique used in cryptocurrencies – the blockchain – so that you can have the certainty and peace of mind that your data is safe, private and unaltered.”

Domingos J. Ribeiro
Backchain's CEO

How can BlockChain help you?

A new way to manage your quality.

Business Model

1. Choose Plan

BackChain can be hired in 05 versions, depending on your storage needs, and as a market differential, it is not charged for data traffic, be it in the backup or in the restoration of data.

Choose Plan
Initial Structure

2. Initial Structure

We will send our Appliance to your company, which should be connected to your internal network. After initial setup and validation in blockchain your backup system will be available for use.

3. Configuration of redundant instances

Our team of specialists will define the backup performance routines according to the specific needs of your business / infrastructure.

Configuration of redundant instances
Monitoring backups

4. Monitoring backups

After the configuration, we will maintain the monitoring to guarantee the progress, guaranteeing the integrity of the data that is being stored.

Still have doubts?

Backups are done incrementally and parallel, over a private connection through an encrypted tunnel. In other words, the backup happens quickly because it happens over an exclusive connection, and it only copies documents that have been changed or created since the last backup.

The entire structure is provided together, you don't have to worry about space, file size or the like.

This is one of BackChain's differentiators. The entire procedure is carried out privately, through a structure “disconnected” from the common internet. The interface that connects to the internet is limited to log information only, and thus, there is no risk of documents and data leaking.

Through our web interface, you will be able to verify the accomplishment and consistency of your backups.

If by any chance the storage devices are stolen, the offender will not have access to any information, as all data is encrypted.

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