Can your company recover from a cyber attack?

When this attack happens, will your company be able to recover your data?

How do you make sure your backups are up-to-date, valid, and available?

Imagine a Blockchain-based system that manages to ensure the integrity, availability, and quality of all your company’s files and information, redundantly on another continent?

Now imagine the digital assets of your company protected, in a secure infrastructure, private and disconnected from the internet, through an innovative technology … How much is this tranquility worth?

Meet Backchain!

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* We do not share your data with third parties!

Backchain is a powerful system based on Blockchain technology that validates, records and documents all your backups quickly and safely, bringing reliability and peace of mind for your business.

It’s impossible to predict a disaster.

But it is possible to speed up your recovery!

The Backchain

Backchain is a corporate data and information protection solution that runs on a disconnected “common” internet structure, which operates exclusively on specific end-to-end encryption connection protocols, using innovative blockchain technology to integrity and security of data transactions.


The backup happens through a private structure and accessible only through an encrypted connection, that is, at this stage there is no internet connection.

In other words, there is no public connection, which virtually eradicates the chance of some unauthorized interception, which if it happens will not generate any damage, since every copied file is encrypted.

The backchain flow works as follows:

1. Data centers (IDC 1 and 2) access our appliances in CLIENT via private connection, copying all files;
2. After the copies are finalized, the IDCs (globally positioned on different continents) generate the VALIDATION DATA, which is sent to the BLOCKCHAIN;
3. VALIDATORS (configured in different entities) connect to the BLOCKCHAIN and validate the backups, guaranteeing their integrity, immutability and reliability;
4. After validation of all steps, the backup is confirmed, and the client, through his ADMIN, will have access to an administrative web interface where he can highlight the whole process of copying and custody of his files.

Finally, if a restore of a file is required, CLIENT can search for backups on isolated instances:

-Through our Appliance, located in CLIENT;

-Through a request in our interface, where our will recover the file in the source folder, all with the guarantee of the integrity and immutability that Backchain offers.

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Backchain offers easy, complete, and secure data protection for your entire environment – unifying your local systems and workloads back to a robust, redundant high-capacity

All transactions are made using Blockchain technology, ensuring the integrity of the files.

Backups are mirrored and more than one instance, increasing the chances of data recovery.

Availability & Accessibility
Backchain backups can be accessed at any time by being distributed across multiple instances.

Disaster Recovery
The user has the peace of mind that although he is subject to incidents, he can recover quickly.


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of Energy Saving

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Integrity of your data

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Traceability of Data

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How can an investment bring savings to your company?

An ordinary computer consumes about 300 watts / hour, our appliances consume 4 watts / hour. If we take into account a period of 12 months, they are about 2,500,000 watts of economy.

Your company will have a structure equivalent to a Data Center, distributed through servers positioned around the world.  

A single, unique connection through VPNs with redundant, encrypted storage ensures that all transactional information between entities is seamless and secure.

Any copy made by our system will generate distributed data that maintains a continuously growing chain of copied transaction file records. The distributed nature of the chain prevents change and revision, which facilitates confirmation of the authenticity and security of all transactions recorded in the chain.

The indicators generated by Backchain can contribute to the decision making and optimization of all the resources of your organization.

Ctrl Z does not exist in real life!

“The security secret of your company is in your backups


Understand step-by-step our service

Initial Structuring
We will deploy our appliance to your infrastructure, where full first-instance backups will be configured.
Configuring Redundant Instances
Our team of specialists will define the backup performance routines according to the specific needs of your business / infrastructure.
Monitoring backups
After configuration, we will maintain monitoring to ensure the progress, ensuring the integrity of the data being stored.
Backup Recovery
When requested, our team can send the backup to your company, partially or fully, with all the encrypted files, where only the end client, ie your internal network will have the key to view the files.


Backups are done incrementally and in parallel on a private connection through a tunnel. In other words, backup occurs quickly because it happens on a unique connection, and it copies only the documents that have been changed or created since the last backup.

The entire structure is provided together, you do not have to worry about space, file size or the like.

This is a great differential of Backchain. The entire procedure is performed offline, through a “disconnected” structure of the common internet. The interface that connects to the internet is limited only to the information of logs, and in this way, there are no risks regarding the leak of documents and data.

Through our web interface, you can verify the completeness and consistency of your backups.

If by any chance the storage devices are stolen, the infringer will not have access to any information because all the data is encrypted.


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